7 Days of Thanksgiving: Our Furry Friends

What are Mainers thankful for? All kinds of things according to their vanity license plates. This week we’re counting down the seven days until Thanksgiving with great vanity plates. Day 7 – Game day! Day 6 – Family Day 5 – The simple things in life Day 4 – Mainers are thankful for: Our furry [...]

Three Labs and a Subaru = one great license plate

What do you get when you combine Labrador retrievers with a brand new Subaru? Why, a LABARU of course! Rick and Cindy Stone raise Labs at Shaker Hill Retrievers in Poland Spring, Maine. They purchased a new Subaru Outback last month and Cindy wanted a vanity license plate befitting her best friends. “I was on [...]

Specialty dog-themed license plate poster released!

I’m excited to announce the release of a special Maine vanity license plate poster that will be available for purchase at an upcoming fundraising event. Proceeds from the sale of the poster will go to the Humane Society of Knox County. The one-of-a-kind poster features approximately 27 dog-themed Maine vanity license plates that I’ve collected [...]