Military term or insect expletive?

  WISSIFF. It looks like it should mean something, but I just couldn’t crack this code. Then, over the weekend, I had the good fortune of running into the plate’s owner. Turns out there are two perspectives on the meaning of this vanity plate. According to the Air Force veteran and owner of the Ford [...]

It’s always a good THYME to catch a license plate photo

I always keep my camera close at hand, because you never know when a good vanity license plate will present itself. Sure enough I spotted one yesterday at a local farm stand so I stopped to take a photo and ask the story behind the plate THYMELY. Here’s what I learned (paraphrased): Due to circumstances [...]

Are you one of the 10?

Are you one of the 10? That is, one of the 10 percent of Mainers who express themselves with a vanity license plate? If so, speak up and claim your status as a license plate poet! A poet is, “A person who has the gift of poetic thought, imagination and creation, together with eloquence of [...]

The Price of Vanity in Maine

Mainer’s love their vanity license plates — so much that we’re ranked sixth in the nation for the percentage of personalized license plates (AAMVA). In fact, we love them to the tune of $2.75 million raised from the $25 fee for each vehicle sporting a vanity plate. But just how valuable is your plate to [...]

What RUL84? Don't count on these drivers to show up on time.

“I’m running late!” “I’ll be a few minutes late to our meeting.” “Sorry, boss, I’ll be late for work this morning.” What are you late for? The owners of these Maine vanity license plates aren’t afraid to tell the world that they’re “L8″ for something. It is more of a theme than I could have [...]