What the natives call it

If you’re a Maine native and live in the midcoast area, then you know how to pronounce the name of the town of Woolwich. Here’s a hint, it’s not pronounced wool-witch. Read this plate for the answer.

Postcards from Maine: The Way Life Should Be

Eeny, meany, miny, moe … With nearly 3,000 vanity license plates photos, what’s the best way to choose only 12 to appear on a new Maine postcard? By making two postcards, of course! But that’s another blog post. This postcard is inspired by all the best that Maine has to offer: camp, loons, lobster, moose, [...]

Licensed to Drive: You CAN get there from here

There’s a popular saying we have here in Maine, “You can’t get there from here.” (Appropriate Maine accent must be applied.) However, I do believe I’ve found evidence to the contrary in the vanity license plates shown above. Not only can you get to Popham Beach or the Midcoast island of Isleboro, but you can [...]