Secrets of a hockey license plate revealed

What happens when I can’t figure out the meaning of a vanity license plate? Why, I post it on The Maine Plate Facebook page or Twitter account, of course. That’s just what I did with this plate last week. I knew it had meaning; I just couldn’t figure out what. Not to worry, though, Facebook [...]

7 Days of Thanksgiving: Game Day

What are Mainers thankful for? All kinds of things according to their vanity license plates. This week we’re counting down the seven days until Thanksgiving with great vanity plates. Mainers are thankful for: GAME DAY! Come back tomorrow for the sixth day of Thanksgiving! If your car has a vanity license plate, tell us about [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, I want to share the story behind one of the many Breast Cancer Specialty License Plates in the state of Maine. When Maine came out with the Breast Cancer Awareness plates I was pleased. I am a breast cancer survivor. My sister, in my honor, became [...]

Do you have a Patriots license plate? Check these plates! Go Pats!

The New England Patriots play the New York Jets today at Gillette Stadium to advance to the AFC Championship game. I wish I could be there to take photos of all the Patriots license plates in the parking lots. I’ll bet there are hundreds! Here are a few New England Patriots vanity license plates I’ve [...]