Life Lessons: Letters to Live By

  Our theme of the week is life lessons. I’ve found plenty of them on license plates during the six years I’ve been taking photos. I can’t help but wonder what life event inspired people to turn these phrases into vanity plates. Here are just a few of my favorites.  

Theme of the week: CRAZY

It seems there’s no shortage of crazy drivers on the road — a few of them even have fitting license plates. Whether you’re the crazy one or it’s the other guy (of course it is), enjoy this selection of nutty vanity plates.

Approved by the GR8 – and L8 – Mae West

I’ve said it before, vanity license plates about being late are among my favorites. I’ll go out of my way to capture a “L8″ plate, so you can imagine my delight when one unexpectedly arrived in my email inbox last week. Trish from Union writes, I am ALWAYS late.  I have been told for years [...]