Stuck in traffic? This license plate says it all.

How often do you find yourself stuck in traffic or following the slowest car on the road? My guess is all the time. The day before Christmas (last minute shopping, of course) I found myself trapped in a parking lot with only one way out — the slow way. Thinking I couldn’t wait in the [...]

Advice for a snowy day

On this beautiful snowy day, The Maine Plate offers the following advice straight from local vanity license plates — DO build a DON’T eat the Do you have a vanity license plate? Send us a photo and tell us the meaning behind the plate and maybe it will appear in one of our future blogs!

Advice to live by on a Maine vanity license plate

Behind every vanity license plate is an unknown story, a great meaning or sometimes a little gem of wisdom that the vehicle’s owner chooses to live by. You just never know until you ask.  And that’s exactly what I did when I saw the personalized license plate “LT ITBE” on a beautiful summer day last [...]