A special kind of license PL8 LUV


Today’s the Day

Happy Anniversary? Happy Birthday? Whatever the special day may be that warranted this vanity license plate, we here at the Maine Plate offer a shout out. We hope you have a great day!

Approved by the GR8 – and L8 – Mae West

I’ve said it before, vanity license plates about being late are among my favorites. I’ll go out of my way to capture a “L8″ plate, so you can imagine my delight when one unexpectedly arrived in my email inbox last week. Trish from Union writes, I am ALWAYS late.  I have been told for years [...]

Dog Vanity License Plates – My Favorite!

Dog license plates have to be my all-time favorite type of vanity license plate. The idea of taking photos of personalized license plates began when I published the newspaper Downeast Dog News. Of course I had my own plate (DOG NEWS), but I quickly found out there were hundreds more dog license plates in Maine [...]

Order a "Support Your Troops" Specialty License Plate for Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, consider the purchase of a “Support Your Troops” Maine specialty license plate. First issued in November 2007, the fee for the plate is $20 in addition to the regular registration fee. According to the State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, proceeds from these Maine license plates provide “financial assistance [...]