Two states, one plate, and a love of Greyhounds

FASTDOG Greyhound dog vanity license plate

Two dog lovers - one in Maine and one in Utah - share their love of Greyhounds with identical license plates.

Pam and Sarah have one thing in common — no, make that two. Each is involved in Greyhound rescue and each has a FASTDOG vanity license plate on her car. How is that possible? Because, Pam lives in Utah and Sarah in Maine.

I’ve known of Sarah’s love of Greyhounds for quite some time and took a photo of her FASTDOG license plate long ago. Pam contacted me just a few months ago to order our specialty dog license plate poster. When she told me that she had her own vanity license plate, FASTDOG, to represent her passion for Greyhound dogs, I knew I had a story to tell. Here’s what each had to say about their love of Greyhound dogs.

Pam from Utah writes,

Almost Home For Hounds

Pam at Almost Home For Hounds in May 2011

I am a rep for Greyhound Rescue & Adoption – Utah Chapter. While I have personally has the pleasure of sharing my life with four Greyhounds over the course of 10 years I have helped place close to 50 and I have volunteered at Almost Home For Hounds and helped with hundreds of Greyhounds as they transition to rescue groups and their forever homes.

Sarah from Maine writes:

Delilah, adopted in 2004

Delilah, adopted in 2004

To be honest, I can’t remember why I was drawn to greyhounds. I think I was probably drawn to adopting a dog who had a hard life and deserved to have a good retirement. We adopted Tula in 2002. She was the best dog ever, but we felt bad seeing her sad face when we went to work in the morning. So in 2004 we adopted Delilah. What we didn’t anticipate was that now we would have TWO sad faces at the door when we went to work in the morning.

Tula, adopted in 2002

Tula, adopted in 2002

We got the FASTDOG license plate after we had gotten a Jetta Wagon. Our previous car, a Toyota Echo, was great but after we adopted a 2nd greyhound, just didn’t cut it for transporting two big dogs. The state of Maine had a website where you could type in what you wanted for a vanity plate, and it would let you preview what it would look like. As soon as I typed in FASTDOG, I knew we had a winner.

We adopted both dogs from Maine Greyhound Placement Service in Augusta, Maine, and I just can’t say enough positive things about the organization. Everyone in the group has been great, offering good advice when needed. They even offer greyhound-only boarding, which made me feel better when we did have to board the dogs.