Lucky dog gets own license plate

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, dog license plates are my favorite. When I spotted this vanity plate, I knew I needed to get a photo and I was fortunate to get the meaning behind it as well. Here’s the story of how one lucky dog got her own license plate.

CH-LBDROur plate lets people know, I hope, that we have a wonderful chocolate lab that is our constant companion and best friend. She is our third Lab (the other two blacks) and just as well loved. After losing our second one suddenly to an illness, we went to our local humane society and met her and fell in love.

She was about 3 year old then (6 now) and looked AWFUL! She came home with us bathed and nails clipped went to the vet and was spayed and has been with us since. She was found wandering and dripping milk. It is assumed she was a puppy mill throwaway when found, and had had pups every cycle from her first until the last that the vet felt was probably a c-section.The money maker became a money loser sooo–out the door.

Luckily for her she ended up at the humane society, and VERY lucky for us.

—Jane, East Vassalboro