WOOT! The perfect plate for my new motorcycle

Since publishing the book The Maine Plate: Maine Vanity License Plates and Their Meanings, one of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, “Do you have vanity plate?” The answer is YES! I have a vanity plate on the new motorcycle I got last summer — WOOT.

WOOT vanity license plateIf you’re not familiar with WOOT (originally w00t), it’s a term of excitement — internet slang for “Hurrah” or “Woo hoo!” Players of the game Dungeons and Dragons used w00t as a shortened form of “Wow, loot!” and it’s also an acronym for “Want One Of Those.”

The internet meaning is perfect for me because I’m a website developer and social media manager in my day job. That, combined with the idea of wanting a motorcycle – my loot – all convey the perfect meaning to express excitement about my first motorcycle.