The best Star Trek vanity license plate? You decide.

Think Star Trek and vanity license plates don’t go together? Think again.

Bob Delaney got a brand new plate for his car this week. On the The Maine Plate’s Facebook page he told fans, “I got the idea when George Takei shared a photo of the same plate from California. I looked it up and ordered it within minutes of spotting [it].”

Here’s a hint:

You got it! Bob’s license plate is KHAAANN based on the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

KHAAANN Star Trek vanity license plateTurns out, Bob’s not the only one with a KHAAAAN license plate. In a web search, I found similar license plates in several other states and Canadian provinces, including Georgia, California, Virginia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Alberta, Canada.

Thanks for sharing your plate with us, Bob!

If you have a vanity license license plate — Star Trek or otherwise — email it to us at, post it on our Facebook page or send us a tweet.


  1. The final frontier?