Three Labs and a Subaru = one great license plate

What do you get when you combine Labrador retrievers with a brand new Subaru? Why, a LABARU of course!

Rick and Cindy Stone raise Labs at Shaker Hill Retrievers in Poland Spring, Maine. They purchased a new Subaru Outback last month and Cindy wanted a vanity license plate befitting her best friends.

LABARU vanity license plate“I was on the State of Maine website searching for a plate that wasn’t taken and that would be appropriate for Labradors. Of course all the first things you think of are taken (LAB CAB, LAB4US, etc). Somehow LABARU popped into my head, so I checked and it was available,” Cindy told The Maine Plate. ”The more I toyed with it, the more I liked it and I was glad that none of the first options were available. I hate to be too predictable!”

She ordered the LABARU vanity license plate and waited about 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. “When it finally came I was having a crazy day and I didn’t have time to squeeze in one extra thing,” said Cindy. “But when I saw the envelope containing the plates, I MADE time to rush out and put them on the car!”

Subaru and Labrador retriever dogs

Rick and Cindy Stone's Labrador retrievers Bailey, Sofie and Tess with the new Subaru and their namesake vanity license plate. Photo by Cindy Stone.

Congratulations on your new plate and new car! Two thumbs up for a creative choice, and thanks for adding it to The Maine Plate’s collection of more than 250 dog-themed vanity license plates. We love it!


If you have a vanity license plate – especially one that is dog-related – email us a photo along with the story. Also be sure to check out our one-of-a-kind dog license plate poster.