DUSTOFF. A tribute to our fighting forces.

Veterans Day. November 11, 2011.
In remembrance of those who’ve served our country, I’m honored to feature this vanity license plate, whose meaning was shared with me by its owner in 2009.

DUSTOFF vanity license plate

DUSTOFF: Dedicated, Unhesitating, Service To Our Fighting Forces

In short, the term comes from when medical helicopters landed to pick up the wounded from the battlefield, they created a dust storm due to the force of the blades. I was a Medic with the 571st and the 377th with over 600 hours in. The plate is in memory of those who where shot down in the act of courage under fire. I lost several good friends. I will never forget the actions of our brave soldiers who have given ther lives, not only for their fellow soldiers, but for this nation.

Please do not let their sacrifice go unheard of. Remember, we still have young men and women in action, carrying on the tradition of DUSTOFF to save a life, even if it means losing their own. Next time you see a American soldier please thank them for their service to our country.

Thank you.