That AMAZON – she sure is a beauty!

I’m not one to refer to automobiles as “she” or as “real beauties,” but sometimes a vehicle comes along that just fits the bill. Case in point: Hildegard.

Dave Getchell of Camden submitted a photo of his car and license plate. He wrote this:

The trusty old 1960s Volvo we knew here in the US as the 122S was known in the rest of the world as the Amazon. This name was chosen to conjure up images of sturdy little Volvos scrabbling around rough dirt roads in the South American jungles…which they did quite nicely. The cars thrived worldwide, wherever there were roads (dirt of course) such as Africa, Scandinavia, Canada and the Middle East. Who knew?

The AMAZON plate on my new 168 122s is doubly fitting … since her name is Hildegard, which translates from the ancient Norse to “battle maiden.”


Who can disagree? She is a beauty! Thanks for submitting this photo and story, Dave. We hope you have a wonderful summer on the road with Hildegard.

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