Independence Day. Enjoy the FIREWRX!

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with family, food — and fireworks, of course!

FIREWRXFor one Maine family, fireworks is more than just Independence Day entertainment, it’s a way of life. Mark and Chrissy Pierson of Saco are the fire power behind the fireworks in many Maine events. Mark, who grew up in St. George and still spends summer there, subcontracts through Atlas PyroVision Productions and, with a crew of 19, puts on numerous fireworks shows including Portland’s Fourth of July show. “We are all local people who take pride in what we do,” says his wife Chrissy.

The license plate FIREWRX needs no explanation. And the bright yellow Corvette that hosts the plate? What could be more fitting! The ‘vette has appeared in the St. George Days parade, and keep an eye out for it again this year when the Piersons are in town for the event’s fireworks show on July 16.

The Piersons say the best place to watch the St. George Days fireworks is from their son’s Weston K Pierson memorial bench at the Sea Side Cemetery in Tenant’s Harbor.

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