Teacher offers wise advice on vanity license plate

This vanity license plate caught my attention one afternoon when I saw the car parked on the street. At first glance I thought I knew what it meant, but did I? I did a double-take and thought about it some more. Can you guess what it means?

Luckily, the owner of this clever license plate wrote to us and shared the meaning and inspiration behind it. Here’s what he had to say:

PLAN AHEAThe motivation behind PLN AHEA came to me one day as I watched a student make a poster for a class project that I had assigned. I think most people can relate to writing a line of text for a poster or what have you and “Oops!” suddenly running out of room. (I’ve seen some pretty gnarled garage sale signs made by adults in my time…) Anyway, the student I was watching simply turned the paper a quarter turn and continued the poster title along the right side. You had to tilt your head to the right to read the entire title!

Since the chickadee plate allows for 7 characters, I thought PLN AHEA would cause folks to chuckle, tongue in cheek, and I’d have a daily reminder that life isn’t always perfect and we simply have to make the best of it.
—Dan Tompkins, Richmond, Maine

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