I’m excited to share the first vanity license plate story submitted by a VillageSoup reader — and one from North Carolina no less! But you needn’t be a North Carolina resident to have seen this plate on the roads. In fact, I’ve seen it here in midcoast Maine.

KRPLUNK. Why would someone put that on a license plate? I thought it might be someone who loved comics, but then decided that would be KRSPLAT. Luckily the owner sent us an explanation. Read her story below.

KRPLUNK“My Maine plate reads KRPLUNK. While many have guessed what it means, only a handful have figured it out. It’s not something miraculous, or tricky, but it at least means something to me. After a particularly trying time in my life, I turned back to music. I started listening to some of my high school favorites. I dug out Green Day’s album ‘Kerplunk,’ and I couldn’t get enough.

I’ve been asked what it [the license plate] means while at stop lights, people have come up to me at stores, I’ve even had people come into my work, asking for the owner of the (then) Ford explorer to figure out what it means. I’ve had people ask me if I’ve read ‘Blueberries for Sal’ because apparently it mentions kerplunk or kerplop. While at college everyone thought I was a party animal and I was a big fan of beer pong because the ball “kerplunks” in the silo cups.

So, it’s always a good story. It’s almost as good as trying to explain my ‘pun’ toe tattoos.” –Kali Ausplund from Wilmington, NC

Pun toe tattoos? Hmmm… that sounds like a blog post for another time.

P.S. Kali adds, “I have a Maine “KRPLUNK” plate, and when we moved to NC, I swapped it to “KERPLUNK” since NC allows 8 characters, for the win!

If you have a vanity license plate, send us a photo along with the meaning of the story and maybe you’ll be featured in this blog! Email them to