What do you get when you cross a "Brogden" with a VW Bug?

In my travels as a vanity license plate photographer, I’ve noticed that Volkswagen Beetles aka VW bugs seem to have the best vanity license plates. It didn’t take long for me to notice the trend once I began looking for it. Now whenever I see a VW bug I’ll crane my neck and go out of my way to catch a glimpse of the license plate.

That’s how I came across a pretty little VW convertible bug one summer day with the vanity license plate BUGDEN. What could it mean I wondered? Turns out you need to know the owners to understand the meaning. Here’s what I discovered:

VW bug licence plate“I had a contest when I ordered my car and one of my staff came up with the name for my first vanity plate. If you look at my last name ‘Brogden’ – drop the Brog and substitute Bug – you get Bugden! All of the good Bug names were taken and this one you get if you know my last name!”

Do you have a Volkswagen beetle with a vanity license plate? Send us a photo and tell us the meaning of your plate!