Signatures needed for Maine's marine mammals specialty license plate

The Maine Dept. of Marine Resources is gathering signatures for a marine mammal specialty license plate. Revenues from the specialty plate will help support the mission of the Marine Mammal Strandings Program, which is dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals through response and rescue of distressed, sick, injured and orphaned marine mammals, research, and educational activities for students and the general public.

To establish a new specialty license plate in the state of Maine, supporters are required to gather 2,000 signatures along with a $25 deposit. The Maine Legislature must then also approve the proposed request.

More than 1,000 signatures are still needed for the marine mammals license plate. Support the work of the Marine Mammals Strandings Program by signing up for a plate today!

To sign up for the plate or for more information, go to the Maine Department of Marine Resources web site, visit their Facebook page, or call Lynda Doughty, Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator at 207-592-3591 with questions.

marine mammals specialty license plate