More than 5,000 Animal Welfare License Plates Sold in Maine

Loyal BiscuitHave you noticed all of the animal welfare license plates on the road lately? The new Maine specialty plate was released in 2009 with 2,000 people having pre-purchased the plate. Now, after 9 short months, its numbers have swelled to a whopping 5,052 plates on the road!

GOT PUGA portion of proceeds from the so-called “ADOPT” license plates goes to Maine’s Animal Welfare Program (AWP), bringing in $42,188 of additional funding to date. In the fourth quarter alone (April through June 2010), sales alone have brought the AWP $19,000.

DAWGZThe AWP uses half of all money it receives from the ADOPT plate in its investigation of animal abuse and neglect. So far this year the AWP has investigated 278 cruelty/neglect complaints.

According to MALT (Maine Adoption Leaders Team – the group that spearheaded the license plate effort), “The AWP uses the other half of all money it receives from the ADOPT plate to help fund Maine’s Help Fix ME (HFM) program. HFM helps pets remain in their homes and out of animal shelters by providing low-cost spay/neuters for the cats and dogs belonging to low -income Mainers. In 2010 the HFM program has issued 2,291 spay/neuter vouchers thus preventing the birth of tens of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs. The HFM program is currently out of funding but will receive more from the sale of additional plates on a quarterly basis.”

If you are interested in sporting an ADOPT license plate on your vehicle, go to your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) or, to order a vanity license plate, go online to the Maine vanity license plate search to see if the plate you want is available.