"FLMBYNT" describes this VW bug, and not just the license plate

In my quest for personalized or “vanity” license plates, I’ve discovered there are certain types of vehicles you always watch for, because more often than not, they’ll have creative owners who’ve dreamed up creative license plates. And the VW bug is just the type of vehicle I’m taking about!

vw bug vanity license plateWhen we caught site of this Volkswagen Beetle from afar, we knew we had to get a closer look because if the license plate was anything like the car, it had to be a good one. We were not disappointed! We also had the pleasure of meeting the car’s owners who not only shared the story behind their wonderfully “FLMBYNT” little car, but who were also game for a photo.

“When I got a new car I complained that people did not know it was me to wave to it so my husband told me to pour a can of orange paint down the hood so they would recognize the car and me.  Instead I took it to a sign painter and he airbrushed red and orange flames on the hood and down the sides of the car.  Then my husband came up with FLAMBOUYANT or FLAMEBOUYANT (‘FLMBYNT’ which many people think at first is Fly By Night).  Have had great fun with the car.  Cannot go anywhere Mt. Desert to Boston from our home in E. Boothbay that someone does not say later, ‘What were you doing there? I saw you or passed you going the other way on the highway.’ VW bug with flames paint job You cannot be in a bad mood and drive this car.  The best is going anywhere near a schoolbus of young kids.  They go crazy waving and punching each other.”

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