Atheist wins appeal on vanity license plate

The North Dakota Department of Transportation initially refused to give a Fargo man his choice of a vanity license plate – ISNOGOD. Brian Magee, an atheist, appealed the decision and DOT Director Francis Ziegler overturned it last week.

According to the Bismark Tribune web site, “Magee had argued in his appeal that he had seen license plates that advocate religion, such as TRI GOD and ILOVGOD, and when the state  denied his plate, it was endorsing religion.”

Magee was reportedly pleased with the quick decision, but was disappointed that the state didn’t choose instead to remove all religious messages from license plates.

Maine apparently does not have a policy regarding religious messages on personalized license plates. Check out these religious-themed Maine vanity license plates.

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  1. Billy Rhythm says:

    I’m a born again Christian, and I put a religious themed plate on my wife’s car (BELOVD). I think the atheist has every right to his plate of choice too. To allow one plate, but not the other, would be “respecting an establishment of religion,” which would be unconstitutional. I’d rather allow everyone to have their own plate REGARDLESS of their religion, rather than have all religious plates pulled.